Rescues. How Can We Help Them?

Whether your rescue is a cat, dog, horse or ginuapig, we can honestly say, they all react the same way. Withdrawn. Scared. High anxiety. Even PTSD. Please understand, the hand that abused or neglected them, is the only hand they remember. All we want is for them to feel safe, loved and to trust us. How can we accomplish that?


Time, with love, the correct balance of nutrition and supplements to safely detox their past, their neglect and their abuse. They don't just experience abuse and neglect on the physical level, they also experience it on the emotional level. We can't "tell" them, they're safe and to trust us. We must show them.

Starting with a proper diet, with high quality feeds that have no corn, wheat, soy or other grains, and no molasses or sugars, we can then add healthy fats for weight gain, such as ground flaxseeds. Detox worm and eggs, toxins, poisons, and heavy metals, safely, with calcium bentonite clay, provided they're not on a prescribed medication.

Other supplements that can be beneficial include probiotics and amino acids for a healthy gut. Cat's claw, one of my favorite herbs, is to maintain a healthy hind gut, and Brewer's Yeast can prevent fleas, and helps eliminate colitis flare ups.

After their body is fully detoxed, what can we do for their emotional stability, anxiety, depression or even aggression?


CBD has successfully been used to treat emotional behavior and PTSD in animals. Animals can experience emotional trauma, the same way humans do. Relieving them of their emotional set backs, allows them to feel safer, faster, and heal from their past.

Reiki has also been successfully used to ground, clear away negativity, and help give them a fresh start on life. Clearing each chakra removes the suppressed negative emotions, that keep them "stuck" which slows down the healing process.

It's important to remember each animal is different, and responds differently to food, supplements and treatments. What one animal can heal from in a short period of time, may take another animal twice as long. They all experience different situations, and experience those situations differently. They also suppress emotions differently, depending on the level of the neglect and abuse.

They all have a story to tell. Some are quick and willing to show or speak their story, while others take a while to give that information. The more they can share, the easier it is to help and guide them into healing, change habits, and provide them with special care, to help them be successful. Often times, changing their name can bring on a whole new level of healing. The power to heal is within themselves, but they must first be given the opportunity to be in a safe situation.

My life includes wonderful rescue cats, dogs, horses and guineapigs, chickens, roosters and anyone else in need.

Sending much love and light to all!

Horse Whisperer. Reiki Master. Psychic Healer. Animal Communicator and Herbalist.

Sherrie Thibodeau at Holistic Horse Healing, LLC

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