The greatest feeling in the world is receiving Love...


 Sherrie's compassion & guidance were invaluable to me during the last 2 years of Koda's life.  As he was diagnosed with a degenerative spinal arthritis that encompassed a variety of symptoms.  Using Sherrie's advice along with CBD Oil in conjunction with my vet's treatment, helped keep Koda more comfortable and eased my mind. 



 I have known Sherrie for several years, and watching the way she can connect with a horse's emotions is very interesting. She helped my worried Thoroughbred with his trailering issues, and I enjoy watching her communicate on a psychic level with her own horses as well. The knowledge Sherrie can obtain about a horse's past can greatly and positively effect their future! 



This review is for the skeptics!

As a professional farrier, I base my decisions on professional recommendations from the medical community, that are backed up by peer reviewed research.

But I did that. All of that. Every drug, supplement, exam, and diet protocol, from the top internist specialist vets in the state. Many things seemed to help, but only temporarily. The only thing left to try was exploratory surgery, and that was contraindicated due to the extensive bouts of colic over the past few years.

And then Sherrie offered to work on my Bella. And she got a little better. And then a lot better.

It's been a few months. I bought a new facility, she survived the move with no issues. She actually feels so good, she is turned out with other full size horses for the first time in over a year!

Sherrie has been a wonderful friend and resource to bounce ideas off of. She reassured me that Bella wasnt ready to let go. She saved my "Grey Monster's" life, and she is back to the foolish antics that drew me to her from the day I met her. Thank you, my friend!



A 2 year old rescue came to the farm for training, with a large amount of anxiety. She had been separated from her mom, at a very young age, and was scared of humans. Reiki was used, once a week for a few weeks, that brought a sense of calm into her life. It was exactly what she needed to begin to trust humans. 


Sometimes our pets become ill, and even the vet is stumped. The owner was very distraught and prepared for the worst. I began Remote Healing, not knowing what the issue was. I did my best, used what I had, and used CBD oil, to pull this little girl out of danger and healed her from sickness. She is doing very well today!   

When you're born with a blockage, I can help using Remote Healing.

When you're born with an intestinal blockage, I can help by using Remote Healing, to remove the blockage, and allow this baby to begin eating his first meal.


 Having a twist at the beginning of her colon presented a lot of complications and inflammation for this mare. The slightest amount of stress and change in the barometric pressure would cause her symptoms to explode and she would go down. Using Remote Psychic Healing and Visceral Manipulation (manipulation of the organs), I was able to untwist her colon, and completely heal her gut in 6 days, with CBD oil. Taking invasive surgery and a long recovery completely out of the equation - along with the hefty price tag! 


When your horse needs a chiropractic adjustment, such as pelvis and hips being out, I use Energy Manipulation of the bones, muscles and tissue, to realign the horse's body.   


Stiffle issues? No problem. This mare presented with a strain in her stiffle. A few days of Remote Healing and CBD oil, and she was back on her feet in no time.


This goofy guy has a tendency to always injure himself, but one night, he decided a colic was in order and needed an anti-inflammatory, asap. Using Remote Healing along with CBD oil, pulled him right out.


There's always a special mare in our lives that we are determined to win over.  She came to the farm with a huge fear of vehicles, and *anything* would set her off, either rearing straight up or running her shoulder into you. I was determined to make everyday better than the last, and began Reiki and grounding her. She began to trust me and allowed more grounding and treatment. Soon, we were walking in at night with her head down near my knee, as I sang one very special song to her.


Being a Geriatric horse, means a special diet, soaked to pea soup consistency, to slurp down and take chewing out of the equation. The point comes when they can no longer eat hay, because it creates a blockage. Figuring out this 42 yr old's meal plan is exactly what she needed to regain lost weight. By soaking timothy pellets and her grain, the combination gave her the necessary calories she needed. Take care of our elder ponies, they deserve the special treatment!


CBD oil significantly reduces seizures and helps alleviate arthritis. At 14.5 years old, she was climbing a full flight of stairs, all by herself! Her seizures had dissipated to once in a great while. Making our loved ones comfortable, as they age, gives them the quality of life they deserve. 

Unconditional Love from the Universe heals all...


When your horse falls into the wrong hands... He almost lost his life to toxic mold spores in his gut from (unknowingly) being fed moldy round bales. The toxic mold spores caused a large amount of inflammation that lead to a nightmare of weeks of colic, blockages and finally an impaction that almost took his life. 22 hours straight of Reiki, by myself and my significant other, also a Reiki Master, moved the impaction through. CBD oil reduced the inflammation that allowed him to eat while I detoxed his gut with Calcium Bentonite Clay. The mold spores stuck to the clay and were safely removed from his digestive system, in 3 weeks, saving his life! 

~Before and after picture


When this mare became a three legged horse, I immediately applied Topical CBD oil, twice a day. It reduced the inflammation, managed the pain and drew out the heat and abscess. A week later, an abscess came out the top of her hoof, pain free.


A hay sliver caused a large abscess in this horse. Topical CBD oil, twice a day for 7 days, not only drew out the abscess, it completely healed the area.


Taking care of homeless cats means feeding them and detoxing them with Calcium Bentonite Clay, to safely remove parasites, allowing the animal to regain the lost weight. 


When a friend's horse was experiencing fusing joints, she had three options: a) Leave it alone, the process is very painful and takes from 6 months to 20 years to complete the fusing process. 

b) The vet could inject a substance which made the process even more painful and there's no guarantee it would speed up the process, or c) try CBD oil. 

We experimented with CBD oil, internally, twice a day. Not only did it completely take the pain away, but it sped up the fusing process to just 30 days! 


Animal Communication was used to locate a stranger's horse, who had broken out through the night, when a thunderstorm scared him. I was able to make a psychic connection with him, and see where he was. With some reassurance, I was able to communicate with him, and coax him to walk out of the woods and into a pasture, where his mom could find him. He was found within 30 min from the initial contact.